Solar Cookers - Let's welcome them home!

Been meaning to explore using a solar cooker for a while now, after reading about them in Solar Cookers International, which is doing phenomenal work popularizing the technology in the developing world, through several aid agencies. The Hindu devoted editorial space to them today - see 'Cooking with the sun'
How many of us are ready to start using solar cookers, in India, which enjoys a rather blessed amount of sunshine for most of the year? A few weeks ago, a friend and I had decided that we should do a solar cooker search - we found not one dealer in the city of Coimbatore, then.
I found a list of solar cooker manufacturers here, but that seems to be rather dated and sketchy, and is at best a guideline. Here's a ready list of nation-wide solar cooker suppliers.
(I later looked for city -wise suppliers, and have compiled a list ofover 200 suppliers in South India. I'll be glad to share the whole spreadsheet with readers - is it possible to post or link a spreadsheet?)
For those interested to know further:
How do solar cookers work
Presentation on solar cooking
A look at the Indian scene on solar cookers

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