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Dilli's ills - 2. Water is a precious 'fossil fuel' too!

Ha! The Delhi Government has approved the proposal to provide 20,000 litres of water free of cost to every household per month. Sewer charges were also withdrawn, to mark the 100 day milestone.
Delhi needs nearly over 5000 million litres per day. 

While i agree that water - that good, natural, sweet fuel everyone needs - should remain in the commons, i'd like to know 
1. what steps are being taken to reduce / eliminate wastage / misuse / overuse?
2. why is RWH not being implemented on war footing?
3. why are RO system vendors allowed to indiscriminately / aggressively market their product as the first and last solution to obtain potable water?

Delhi should not be pampered any more. The earlier netas and citizens realize this, the better or the entire nation.
"Delhi’s water demand, according to the DJB, is 4,903 million litres daily (MLD) but the total supply is 3,995 MLD. Of this, according to the Centre for Science and Environment, 52% is lost to leakage. This projec…