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Mid Day Meal Tragedies

In the defense organization where I served, every meal prepared in the mess for serving personnel is tasted by the officer on duty, well before meal time. I am sure there must be such procedure in the MDM system of the HR ministry. It is possible that such a routine is not followed by (the mostly) indifferent staff? Have a look at the MDM website. All features of the site relate to budget and monetary aspects of the scheme. A message to the new MOS - "In your tenure can you please make the HRD ministry’s MDM website relate much better to the human aspect?" did not elicit any response, of course. Tragic incidents will continue to take place, while the website continues to offer, at best, bland / cold / hard facts transferred verbatim from the paper files at your ministry. Achievements would get recorded, and these unfortunate incidents will be found in only news archives. Utterly saddened.... What it takes to deliver midday meal | Down To Earth

"Go Plastic Free: Find your Strength"

Friends, Indians, country-people, lend me your intellect-connected senses. 
I had the opportunity to speak to Mr Selvam, who runs a roadside recycling business near Ulloor in Trivandrum, Kerala. All sorts of plastic and packaging material do go for recycling. If only you would take the trouble of segregating the waste generated in your house. I do. 
I clean milk sachets and stack them
I empty polythene packages that dry grocery comes in and collect them over a period.
All you need to do is take the trouble of segregating readying them for the recycler. If you cannot deposit the stuff yourself, Mr Selvam and colleagues can arrange for pick-up. 

Dear friends, these days there are two aspects of public life that stink in this capital city of God's own country. One is the garbage, the other is politics. As concerned citizens, we can certainly do our bit for reducing the ill-effects of the former. As to the latter, we have to let our 'representatives' battle it out on the streets, …

"The dishonesty in counting the poor"

The dishonesty in counting the poor
Excellent and hard-hitting... but targeted at people, already thick-skinned, who fortify themselves in air-conditioned boardrooms located on the top floors of glass edifices.
These 'planners' look at figures on paper and at numbers crunched out by lifeless statistical codes, and then doubtless carry out extremely specialised normalisation and other adjustments.  Reminds me of the STORY about a group of scientists who tested a particular pattern of monkey behaviour ("monkey ladder banana experiment")

Read Between the Lines - 1

"This is the point that I brought back to Washington — that it would be to the U.S.’s advantage to actually work with the Indians because there are things the Indian nuclear complex can do in their facilities that we no longer can do. There are people that they have and programmes that they have that we have abandoned. As the U.S. looks seriously to get back into the nuclear energy business, it should look towards India as to how to do cooperative research for the benefit of the Americans." My take: The interviewer's ndtv affiliations are apparent. The interviewee's current interests are not quite evident though. Also, what was the purpose of the current visit?  "it would be to the U.S.’s advantage to actually work with the Indians" - more clarity needed here. US's ECONOMIC advantage perhaps? "As the U.S. looks seriously to get back into the nuclear energy business, it should look towards India as to how to do cooperative research for the benefit of th…

Opening India's door to More Junk?

1. Big Retail = Consumerism + High Volume Junk (Packaging + processed food).
2. Will the Govt look at FDI in Recycling and Waste management, please?
3. Will the Recycling be made a sector, and given importance, ahead of manufacturing?
4. Will Big Retail take all the junk back to their countries?
30 % local sourcing norm can't be met: Walmart

What Bharatvaasis can be proud of

I am proud of being a citizen of the nation where Gandhiji live as a SANATHANI.
I am proud of having been able to hear first hand accounts of Mahaa Periyavaa.
I am proud of living in Bharatvarsh, where we "share a way of life common to all, a spiritual and material culture so all-pervading as to be invisible to those within it like the air they breath...".

What do you feel after reading What Hindus can and should be proud of by Ramachandra Guha?
[Note for the author Mr RAM..G:
Not sure if you have attempted to understand Sanathana Dharma in its entirety. That way of life is beyond politicized petty-minds and conditioned elitists. I note that in page 582-583 of your book India After Gandhi as well as in your present article, you emphasize that Rama is a mythological character, not a historical one. Your insistence is unfortunate].  Quoting from Sanathana Dharma Blog "Santhana Dharma, because of its diversity and flexibility has no single figurehead or guru. This als…

Planning Commission, Please Make the Planning Meaningful

The planning commission should get out of air conditioned rooms and sit among the slum-dwellers in cities or / and set up camp near village panchayat locations.
To do that of course, they should first step out of their coat, suit and tie, and get into more comfortable local wear that suits the outdoor weather.
Believe me, their thinking will undergo a change for the better! I am not being cynical.
This is a seriously sincere suggestion. Vanishing poverty trick - The Hindu
Indian Boardrooms