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Nature, Culture, Agriculture

In the course of a couple of decades of 'nomadic' travel all over India, we have lived in a fair number states / cities / rural areas.

Places as diverse as rural Nashik, NCR Delhi, beautiful Srinagar, busy Bangalore, suburban Coimbatore, unheard-of Misamari have been our homes at different points of time between the early '90s and now.

So there has been a fair mix of metro-life, small city-life and living in rural locations. And if anyone were interested in asking us to choose between the three, rural living would win hands down.

The common thread that links India's rural areas is a heady combination of Nature-Culture-Agriculture.
Nature is still visible at all times of day and night, not obscured by poisonous air, concrete, steel and glass.
Rich culture is evident too; traditional practices thrive in homes and fields.
And the fields - they speak to you of the bounty that regularly fill and refill India's granaries.

To a safely ensconced but empathetic, concerned …

From 1:1 to 18:78

Mom and i began a (mostly online) journey in Jan 2011.
Thanks to MTNL New Delhi, BSNL Kerala and BSNL Assam for enabling this journey.
Thanks also to family.