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Eco-friendly Vs Enviro-friendly - Some forced re-definitions

P Sainath writes in the article The Iron Laws of the Earth Sciences - "He also became the Minister for Earth Sciences (which, as often pointed out, is seen in his home State as jargon for real estate expertise). Jealous detractors say it is his raising this sector to the level of a science that makes him priceless to the Congress."
Just as (Ministry of) Earth Sciences means more about ministering to the real estate expertise, one can come up with more re-definitions. Here's one - for those in the Indian (media) elite circles, 
eco-friendly = (neo-liberal) ECOnomy-favouring policies.
Further, the words 'climate change' probably refer more to vagaries in the economic weather of the country than the Inconvenient Truth that humankind faces!
For those who bat for the environment - let's talk about being enviro-friendly, shall we?