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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deft definitions - monlate season

It was nice to wake up to some semblance of showers this morning, as the India Met Department continues to await a change in season as eagerly as the citizens of Delhi and elsewhere in India.

Look up the Indian Monsoons

If you are thinking - "Don't tell me even cows do not move out without the umbrella in Kerala", you may just be right...

Whatever the etymology of 'monsoon', a bright, special someone-I-know aptly rebaptized this years's annual source of freshwater.

And now - the mon-sooner or -later winds beckon. Here I go..., after all, better monlate than monnever!

i am really, really, grateful to the monlates for ensuring that June did not go by without seeing an entry in this beloved-to-owner page.

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