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Dilli's ills - 3 - "Who governs our cities?"

"How to tackle the institutional problems of a metropolis is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma. I wonder how these mega problems can be broken up into bite sized, chewable ones".

The list of agencies 'taking care' of NCR is truly endless.

NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council)
NDMC, SDMC, EDMC (trifurcated Municipal Corporation of Delhi)
DCB Delhi Cantonment Board
DUDA Delhi Urban Development Agency (newest kid on the block)
*(The ever-expanding NCR has other agencies too)
MCF Municipal Corporation Faridabad
MCG Municipal Corporation Gurgaon
Noida Development Authority / Noida Municipal Corporation

"The fact is that Indian cities, unlike many cities abroad, lack leadership. The mayor, supposed to be the first citizen of the city, has neither the time nor the power to steer the city's affairs. The tenure is a glorious one year in cities like Delhi and Bangalore or a slightly extended 20 months in some other cities. Contrast this with cities such as London, Paris or N…