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Amusing - ? Bemusing -? Obfuscating -? headlines

Whether or not you are personally concerned about gm foods you will hopefuly raise an eyebrow at least - Try as I could, I found no explanation for the date. The son helpfully said - "No Mom, there is no 'double leap' year"...
No wonder the Hon Minister's "explanations failed to convince protesters"! Here's a link to the news item - Decision on Bt Brinjal after Feb. 30, says Jairam Ramesh
Perhaps the Hon Minister meant Feb 2030? By then, there will be enough devices around to delete public memory in a jiffy, very conveniently!
PS: Most likely, end of this month was the 'good' date intended?

Update on 9 Feb 2010 - The Readers' Editor of the newspaper finally responded to a mail message - "Thank you for your email. The mistake has been corrected in the net edition."

Not trick photography...

A picture to tickle grey cells....

Hint: Picture was taken at National Science Centre, New Delhi