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'MICed' Bhopal, Slicked Gulf -

This is just to record some very telling write-ups in the media - of the contrasts between the two happenings, the respective countries' responses, the sell-outs, the double standards - all pointers to must-learn hard lessons vis-a-vis the Civil Liability for Nuclear Claims Bill - 2010.

P Sainath's Games Big Corporations Play
Arjun Makhijani's Civil Liability for Nuclear Claims Bill, 2010: is life cheap in India?

Rare, sensitive write-ups from the Western hemisphere -

Keeble McFarlane's Twenty-five years later, the poor people of Bhopal are still sick and angry

Lydia Polgreen's Gulf response fuels India's fury over Bhopal

Struck by this thought. It may be possible for the Indian Government to hire US-based lawyers to draft the Nuclear Liability bill, for the theoretical scenario where the two countries' roles are reversed - that is, Indian corporations causing nuclear accidents on US soil. Then it would be a simple matter to derive the 'perfect' Ci…

Sizzling Capital Summer

As a student at Bangalore in the early nineties, one experienced the change in temperature within the IISc campus, guaranteed to be 2 degrees cooler than the rest of the garden city. (Sigh!) ... that was another century!

Apologies - I know Delhi is always in the news, and I'm adding more bytes. Just sharing a note on the summer temperature levels.
If it is 43 degrees in and around Lutyen's Delhi, Palam (yes, the airport locality) is invariably at 45+. I have never heard any of the weather anchor persons mention this fact. (Perhaps I too have noted it because I happen to reside in a sprawling sub-city Dwarka located quite 'near' the very happening airport).
Here are indicative figures (all in degree Celsius, figures courtesy the daily newspaper, available at IMD) since the onset of summer -
23 April 2010- 39 (City), 39 (Safdarjung), 40 (Palam)
29 April 2010 - 41, 41, 43
7 May 2010 - 35, 35, 36
18 June 2010 - 42, 42, 43
19 June 2010 - 43, 43, 45
20 June 2010 - 45, 45, 47
21 June …