Sizzling Capital Summer

As a student at Bangalore in the early nineties, one experienced the change in temperature within the IISc campus, guaranteed to be 2 degrees cooler than the rest of the garden city. (Sigh!) ... that was another century!

Apologies - I know Delhi is always in the news, and I'm adding more bytes. Just sharing a note on the summer temperature levels.
If it is 43 degrees in and around Lutyen's Delhi, Palam (yes, the airport locality) is invariably at 45+. I have never heard any of the weather anchor persons mention this fact. (Perhaps I too have noted it because I happen to reside in a sprawling sub-city Dwarka located quite 'near' the very happening airport).
Here are indicative figures (all in degree Celsius, figures courtesy the daily newspaper, available at IMD) since the onset of summer -
23 April 2010- 39 (City), 39 (Safdarjung), 40 (Palam)
29 April 2010 - 41, 41, 43
7 May 2010 - 35, 35, 36
18 June 2010 - 42, 42, 43
19 June 2010 - 43, 43, 45
20 June 2010 - 45, 45, 47
21 June 2010 - 44, 44, 46
Do we need more or bigger airports? The Govt will convince us that we do. A better question would be - Are bigger and more airports good for us? or any other corporate symbol that murders greenery?

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