The Power of Vishnu Sahasranamam- Vani's rebirth

A real 'story' as told by a close friend:
"Vani was in her early thirties when I first met her in a Mumbai local sometime in the late ‘70’s. She never talked much but her helping tendency was obvious. She boarded the train at the starting point and always found a seat. Instead of sitting through the hour-long journey, she would offer her seat – a luxury - to another lady.

My acquaintance too began this way – a few pleasantries exchanged over the train’s din. After a couple of months, she was not at her usual seat. Everyone presumed that she was on leave. In the busy buzz of the Mumbai life, no one thought twice about her till she came back after nearly 4 months. None of us could recognize her. She had lost weight, her cheeks were sunken, eyes lifeless, and to top it all, she had an almost bald head.
Out came the rude shock that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo radiation therapy. She hoped that she had won over the disease, but even before she regained her lost strength, it was found that the cancer had spread to the other breast, and the therapy was repeated. Left with no choice, she gave up her job. Her children were 8 and 10 years old.
We all wished her well and I did not see her after that. I had moved out of Mumbai after my marriage; slowly, memories also faded away.

Sometime in 2001, while at the lobby of Panchajanyam - a guest house run by Guruvayur Devaswom Board - a lady by my side enquired if I was from Mumbai. When I said yes, she introduced herself as - Vani. I just could not believe my eyes. She then narrated her story of survival.

After resigning her job, she went through the usual process of radiation and chemotherapy. More than the treatment, the side-effects were unbearable. The family bore suffering for a year; then her husband decided that they would move back home in Kottayam, Kerala. There she underwent Ayurvedic therapy, but to no avail.

Slowly her whole body was engulfed by cancer and she was almost bed-ridden. Her one wish was to visit Guruvayur. If she didn’t make it, her son’s wedding was to be conducted there. Slowly she lapsed into a coma.
No-one knows how the topic came about, but her mother and mother-in-law sat on either side of her and continued to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam (1000 names of Lord Vishnu). They continued with faith and fervour for 7 days and nights. When they needed a break, someone else would take over. Vani slowly regained her consciousness and became aware of sights and sounds, and the intensity of their prayer. She also joined in, and continuously for a year their house reverberated with the chanting.

Today I believe, she is somewhere in Dubai with her daughter, spreading the message of her recovery and helping others as usual."

28 Aug 2012 update.

Vishnu Sahasranamam download

29 Jan 2013 update.

Here is a VSN Blog whose goal is to inform how by reading Vishnu Sahasranamam one can really benefit. VSN Blogspot


  1. After reading the true story of Vani, my heart & soul was filled with hope & belief in the power of vishnu sahasranamam. Great yogi like Shri Shirdi Sai recommended it for the benefit of mankind but unless one hears, reads or listens to the actual benefits or experiences of the recitation of the sahasranamam it is difficult to imbibe in the daily routine. But thanks to you for posting the experience of Vani.

    Please continue to do so for people who're facing problems, hardships in life to gain their confidence back in life.


  2. Its very much inspiring. They are great Bhaktas, what a strong will to go on reciting, not losing hope...Such great personalities, though, they are silent and not much known to outside world are the truly give great inspirations to suffering souls... Its great service you have posted here some one some day to read and benefit... Glory to Krishna !!

    Senthil Kumar R

  3. Before Him Who creates, preserves and protects the universe, the word impossible loses all meaning!

  4. i have started chanting vishnu sahasranama... i am unemployed.. even though i stood first in credentials, i am without job. i am very hopeful that my life moves towards happiness. i strongly believe in d lord krishna. all praise to him..

  5. I Chanted Vishnu Sahasranaman for my job.The same day when i chanted Vishnusahasranamam with all hope and belief i got the job.,

  6. ramya,

    I will chant vishnu sahasranamam as and when i get time in going by train or chant at home. I have more faith on lord sri krishna. I am proud to say this to all From my childhood days I am chanting sahasranama in tirumala for 108 times without sleeping a minute. Every it will happen only in the month of August 1 & 2. This year also it happens. Vishnu sahasranama is really worthful. It give peace to everyone who are chanting or hearing.

  7. Is it ok to listen to vishnu sahasra nama? I am listening it whole day when ever I am getting time. I am working in a Software firm.I don't need money bcos I can earn with handwork, I don't need fame, I can earn it. but the hardest part is earning love of the women whom I wanna marry. I love her a lot and she know that but don't know what the problem. so I have downloaded the audio file on my system and one in my laptop at home so when ever I get time I listen this and try to understand the meanings. when I have work i just play it and I start doing my work but I cant concentrate on the audio but I believe that the vibrations of those sounds will have effect on my body and soul. please suggest me if any corrections ....

  8. I think everyone for the benefit of mankind should chant Vishnu Sahasranamam. I used to listen to it never ever thinking that one day I would be chanting it, but with the grace of the divine I was led to chanting it every day in the morning.

    Here are the links to really learn to chant it methodically.

    I am Sikh and I chant this, if you are Hindu you should for sure chant this mantra.

    1. Dear Gurpreet

      This is great. How many know that the GGS's ishtadeva is the same Hari. Ang 1082 has the same names which you'll recognise from the VSN. There are Sikh texts which talk of Harmandir Sahib being a mandir to Mahavishnu, and GGS as Mahavishnu's avatar.

      The puratan sampradayas of the Panth know these things. Modern day Sikhs are unaware. You are truly following sacche patshah's instruction to bhaj Hari nam.

  9. I Thank you for sharing this real story.
    This will make many of us not to loose hopes.
    And our devotion towards god will go on further.

    God bless you


  10. Vishnu sahasranamam is amazing. It gives us immense satisfaction after chanting it.

  11. Yes th power of chanting vishnu sahasranama is immense. I had lost hope at some earlier point in my life and by laying faith in the mantra and regular chanting I found myself being drawn out from the sinking feeling I had earlier.Its like a protective armour around me. Jai Srikrishna!

  12. I belive mind is only part of human body to get good health and succes in life,the chanting of lords 1000 names(sri vishnusahasranama)activates the nerveous system of brain wich gives lot of peace to mind and keeps body refreshed and relaxed and also improves the breathing,dygestive systems this is siectifically proved please belive in this and get the success in life

  13. i chant vishnu sahasranaam everyday , sometimes gaps comes but still i try to do it regularly. three years back i was in kolkta , my home town as i m bengali. i was in big problem that time. my mother expired, my husband was jobless, my relatives broke relations,and the biggest problem was my husband got heart attack and my family was sinking in that situation i was scared, dont know what to morning i was shedding tears to lord sai holding abook of sai charit. then i opened page of that book and i found that he told to recite vishnu sahasranama everyday. i started it chanting from that day. now after three years i am staying abroad with my husband and son. my son goes to international school. and i also have overcome financial problem and my husband's health is alright according to doctor and he is leading a normal life.all credit goes to my lord sai and to bhagwan vishnu.pronam to the lotus feet of bhagwan vishnu. pls give me more bhakti to your lotus feet.

  14. nobody told me, but, somehow, i felt like chanting vsnamam and started doing it regularly. after some days i experienced peace and calmness of mind. i realized that i was not reacting to things like i did before. so i would like everyone to experience it and recommend to chant vsnamam daily and experience it by themselves.

  15. it is a truth that while we hear these sound some auspicious works happens inside the thoughts. i dont know who wrote these lines. let every one chant this and kerala may be escaped from awaiting mullaperiyar dam disaster....kgk vayalar, near nagamkulamgara

  16. The God-incarnate Shri Shirdi Sai Baba himself eulogised the greatness of Shri Vishnu Sahasranama. Then there is no wonder to hear such miracles of getting consciousness of persons in coma, etc. Shri Radhakrishna Swamiji also praised the glory of Shri Vishnu Sahasranama.

  17. vishnu sahasranama has a tremendous power to heal ailments, mental disorders, to break the bondage of our samsaras, to liberate us from misfortune and to set us back on track. chant it on saturday morning before sun rise for faster results.
    if u r suffering from any black magic spells, evil tortures, chant it before sleeping in the nite.
    u can even listen to it and get the vibrations but u have 2 stay focussed till the end. never let ur mind slip away from the words n the image of mahavishnu.

  18. I have myself experienced the power of VISHNU SAHASRANAM in eliminating the negativity from my mind-thoughts and feelings.I am telling you all this bcoz i have been under constant psychic attack from evil demons.Trust me Vishnu sahasranam has helped me lot in facing this hard time and overcoming all the negativity from my thoughts and feelings and defeating these demons.You should surrender yourself completely to lord vishnu with utmost devotion.Vishnu Sahasranam's power is immense if you chant it with devotion to lord vishnu Also i would advise you to take vishnu sahasranam sankalpa of any number like (11,51,251,1100) you can complete in certain no. of days as per your liking.But during sankalpa time you should start feeding on Sattvic bhojana i.e. avoid garlic,onion and non ved food and alcohol.Before taking its sankalpa you should first test yourself how many times you can comfartably chant Vishnu Sahasranam in a day.I would recommend you to take a sankalpa of 1100 as it will get rid of most of your problems after completion but only if you can complete it comfartably within specific time limit you thought at the starting like 120 days if you can chant Vishnu Sahasranam 11 times a day.I am personally recommending this because i have myself taken this sankalpa and within just 40 days a lot of negativity has been cleared.First you should lite a diya before lord vishnu everyday and donating tulsi leaves on lord vishnu's nabhi.Then you should pray to lord vishnu for removing all the negativity from your mind and from your whole life and then start chanting Vishnu Sahasranam.But remember this if you have started its sankalpa you should complete it till the end no matter how much this negativity may try to stop you doing this.DONT GIVE UP EVER.
    And additionally if you have time at night you can chant Lord Narasimha kavacha and Ram raksha stotra and HAnuman chalisa,bajrang baan,sankatmochan hanuman nashtak.These kavacha's power is also immense i have experienced it myself.Dont give up on your worries.LORD NARASIMHA WILL MAKE YOU VERY STRONG SO SURRENDER YOURSELF TO HIM COMPLETELY.LOrd Narasimha will help you defeat your negative thoughts and feelings and will make you mentally very strong.You should a keep a image of lord Narasimha kiing the demon hirankashipu and protecting Prahlada in your home .ALSO Keep chanting vishnu sahasranam eveyday,slowly you will start becoming mentally very strong.Trust in the power of Lord Vishnu completely.Vishnu sahsaranam will make you succeed in everything in your life.Surrender yourself completely to lord Vishnu, lord Narasimha,lord Ram and lord Hanuman.

  19. Dear All
    Try to wake up early - say 3:30 am or 4:30 am and make it a regular practice of chanting it at that time. It is not difficult if you plan to go to sleep early. Ponder on the meanings to the extent possible while chanting. It will transform ur life quickly. You will get lots of peace & joy in life.

  20. "Aum Namo Bahgavade Vasudevaya"

    Let us devote ourselves to the almighty, he the creator knows better, what suits his creations. Do not worry about what we do not possess, lets be thankful to him for what we enjoy today.
    By reciting this great stothram, our mindset is going to change, thereby reaching the epitome of happiness....

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  22. Jaya
    Yes vishnu sahasranam will gives peace of mind.This is second day iam chanting it is giving me mental peace from all evil effects

  23. I was jobless for 2 years. Unable to sit idle at home I used to travel to a lot of places near & far. I made a plan to visit a lot of temples & recite Vishnu Sahasranamam sitting in a corner in each temple. Travelling on 2nd class train compartments had to be ruled out. General compartments usually are too crowded to the brim. As soon as I enter a general compartment I used to recite Vishnu Sahasranamam mentally & soon enough I used to get decent accommodation. I could not afford expensive lodge rent. Sometimes I spent nights in railway stations; sometimes on wayside shop entrances. Again reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam helped me spend reasonably comfortable nights. Where will I be - had I not known Vishnu Sahasranamam?

  24. I was jobless for 2 years. Unable to sit idle at home I used to travel to a lot of places near & far. I made a plan to visit a lot of temples & recite Vishnu Sahasranamam sitting in a corner in each temple. Travelling on 2nd class train compartments had to be ruled out. General compartments usually are too crowded to the brim. As soon as I enter a general compartment I used to recite Vishnu Sahasranamam mentally & soon enough I used to get decent accommodation. I could not afford expensive lodge rent. Sometimes I spent nights in railway stations; sometimes on wayside shop entrances. Again reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam helped me spend reasonably comfortable nights. Where will I be - had I not known Vishnu Sahasranamam?

  25. It is true that Vishnu Sahasranama creates the Lord's energy within. Still more is the beauty of HIS unconditional LOVE and GRACE!

  26. Anonymous22 July, 2013

    When ever i recite Vishnu Sahasranamam,i feel as if i am sitting on the lap of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu,with his motherly grace on me.

  27. Thinking of starting the Vishnu Sahasranama has given me lots of energy.

  28. I would like to share one of the experiences I had with Vishnu sahasranamam.. 4 years back, a colleague of mine was happy to share her pregnancy news. But the happiness did not last longer, as the baby was diagnosed with high probability of down syndrome. The doctors advised to get the baby aborted if the reports of her 5th month scanning showed down syndrome as positive. She was at her highest state of trauma and fear.I somehow felt like advising her to listen to VSN of MSS (as she wasn't familiar with sanskrit to chant the same)..She continuously started listening to MSS everyday, while she used to travel to work. And yes, miraculously, her 5th month scanning report showed that the baby was normal and healthy. Later she had normal delivery and now, the boy is all happy and healthy. That's the power of VSN. After that, she had even suggested her Mother in law to listen to VSN regulary to reap benefits. Let lord vishnu bless everyone..:)

  29. Lord Narasimhan, Lord Rama are all incarnation of Vishnu. Vishnu is universal father. I am chanting VS regularly. I have faced lot of problems. I had very bad marriage life and facing financial problems also. I lost my mother two years ago and my father in 1979. VS has given me tremendous withstanding capacity. Leading lonely life is very difficult. But if anyone sees my face they think I am not facing any problems. I am now wanting to get married again. I am taking sankalpa to achieve my goals which I will.I chant Gayatri also. The problems around are not affecting me at all.This is the power of VS.


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