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Banana wine!

If you are blessed with 32 sweet teeth - like me - you may not care much for drinks that are not sweet enough, except perhaps sugar-free coffee.

So when SA, our neighbour in Annanad, (Trissur district, Kerala) offered some wine during one of the neighbourhood rounds (that are such a pleasant and customary part of hometown visits), i gave a tentative nod. i even managed to sip it, and savour it as slowly as i could, resisting the urge to assume an air of being a connoisseur. Ha ha

SA then generously shared the recipe in detail, complete with cautions and warnings. Here's the recipe, courtesy SA and her sources.

Ripe (or overripe) Palayankodan bananas
Jaggery, powdered (the unsalted variety)
Air tight jar
Recommended sitting time: 41 days.

Wash or wipe clean the bananas.
Chop / slice the bananas, along with the peels.
Crush the spice mix.

In a dry jar, place a layer of jaggery, followed by a layer of chopped banana pieces. Repeat the layering, …