What Bharatvaasis can be proud of

I am proud of being a citizen of the nation where Gandhiji live as a SANATHANI.
I am proud of having been able to hear first hand accounts of Mahaa Periyavaa.
I am proud of living in Bharatvarsh, where we "share a way of life common to all, a spiritual and material culture so all-pervading as to be invisible to those within it like the air they breath...".

What do you feel after reading What Hindus can and should be proud of by Ramachandra Guha?
[Note for the author Mr RAM..G:
Not sure if you have attempted to understand Sanathana Dharma in its entirety. That way of life is beyond politicized petty-minds and conditioned elitists.
I note that in page 582-583 of your book India After Gandhi as well as in your present article, you emphasize that Rama is a mythological character, not a historical one. Your insistence is unfortunate]. 
Quoting from Sanathana Dharma Blog
"Santhana Dharma, because of its diversity and flexibility has no single figurehead or guru. This also means the dharma allows each of us to pick and choose what we feel is appropriate for us. As Swami Chinmayananda says 'Sanathana is a svayam dharma (self-help philosophy)'. Void of any hard and fast rules or probations, you can pray at home lighting a little diya (lamp) or hold a massive satsang (get-together), you may choose to eat meat, even beef (I have yet to come across any Sanathani scripture that prohibits eating beef - I stand corrected), you may choose to believe in Advaita (one god), or if you are a greenie at heart choose Samkhya (purusha (man) and prakriti (nature)), you may even choose to refute the existence of god completely and decide to call yourself a Lokayata. I don’t know of any other religious system that accommodates Nastikas (atheists) in its realm, Sanathana does this hands down and that's why it remains eternal. Swami Vivekananda goes on to say Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were one of the 24 reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Whether you were born in Banaras or Kalgoorlie does not matter, what makes you a true Sanathani is your good karma (deeds) that will carve your niyati (fate), moving forward.

I end this article by quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s comments when asked about the chances of him converting to Christianity - ‘How can I possibly embrace another religion without completely u understanding mine’.

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