Mid Day Meal Tragedies

In the defense organization where I served, every meal prepared in the mess for serving personnel is tasted by the officer on duty, well before meal time.
I am sure there must be such procedure in the MDM system of the HR ministry. It is possible that such a routine is not followed by (the mostly) indifferent staff?
Have a look at the MDM website. All features of the site relate to budget and monetary aspects of the scheme. A message to the new MOS - "In your tenure can you please make the HRD ministry’s MDM website relate much better to the human aspect?" did not elicit any response, of course.
Tragic incidents will continue to take place, while the website continues to offer, at best, bland / cold / hard facts transferred verbatim from the paper files at your ministry. Achievements would get recorded, and these unfortunate incidents will be found in only news archives.
Utterly saddened....
What it takes to deliver midday meal | Down To Earth

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