Why don't humans hibernate? - Musings on foggy morns

If only we two-legged upright creatures realized the benefits of hibernating...

I can't see beyond 50 metres in Delhi,
you can't drive afore you clear your Boston drive
Look at the bear - he's wise, no balaclavas,
no fireplaces, he stays put till spring cometh
Why don't humans hibernate?

I like the snow in summer, visiting
atop a tourist-glacier, and
enjoy cold, wet hands for a few minutes
the warmth is just down the hill.
Why can't humans hibernate?

Why burn more fuel for warmth?
Why have winter fashion?
Why add even more layers
over cultivated fatty layers?
Why won't humans hibernate?

Warm-blooded? or cold?
How cozy to have your fill
and sleep your way through,
saving energy in several ways...
When will humans hibernate?

This is not a rhetorical query - I await your response - and you have time till Dec 2009 to respond. This winter though, I'll continue to relply to my son's "Amma, I do not want to get out of the warm bed!" thus - "I'm sorry my son, humans don't hibernate, you'll have to rise."

Here are my additions to some 'memory aids on the Celsius scale'
When it's zero it's freezing, - I agree
when it's 10 it's not, - but near enough
when it's 20 it's warm, - of course not
when it's 30 it's hot! - it's cool

and to another -
Thirty is hot - pleasant, I allow
Twenty is nice - n.....ice?
Ten is cool - heaters, please
Zero is ice - granted!

By chance, these thoughts (origins not yet known) reached me this week - (enlarge to read)I'd prefer to be a squirrel though!

When one hails from Chennai, where the clime is hot in winter, hotter at most other times, and hottest in summer, out come the single cardigan or shawl for any temperature below 30 degrees C (about 86 F) - honest! I discover that I am just not built for temperatures of less that 15 C, as I encounter north-Indian cold.

In the meanwhile - I continue to pray - May the winter Sun never Set!

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