Fruits of pilot skill and collective karma!

That was a textbook, picture-perfect sort of happening. Warmest kudos to Mr Chesley Sullenberger on successfully using all his skills of 40+ years and executing a calm, composed, measured and completely successful ditching of his flight on the Hudson River, NY. For once let's attribute his success and the safe return of 155 friends to their collective karma
Pic courtesy - The Hindu
Notes: An aircraft is usually designed to enable landing on water and is therefore equipped with additional safety equipment. Now you know you should listen carefully to the pretty stewardess explaining safety procedures!
How they're airworthy, and also crashworthy
Quoting from Wiki -
"In December 2002, The Economist quoted an expert as claiming that "No large airliner has ever made an emergency landing on water" in an article that goes on to charge, "So the life jackets ... have little purpose other than to make passengers feel better." This claim was repeated in The Economist in September 2006 in an article which claimed that "in the history of aviation the number of wide-bodied aircraft that have made successful landings on water is zero."
On January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus A320 narrow-body jet, made a successful landing in the Hudson River adjacent to Manhattan in New York City after dual engine failure due to bird strikes. Sources identified the pilot as Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger. All 155 passengers and crew survived with only some minor injuries, in part because the pilot ditched the plane adjacent to the passenger ferry route between NYC and New Jersey."
Other images of landing on water here

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