Priceless Notes (NB's) on Valueless Notes (Rs$€¥£₣)

Some priceless notes on valueless notes -

# Mr Raju may have 'experimented with Satyam', but he came clean, (or should it read dirty?), didn't he? That's much more than can be said of brilliant whizkids of the financial domain in Country-That-Should-Not-Be-Named, who continue to pocket millions in bonuses - common people's savings, and the money that never could be found for food and environment crises...

# My copyrighted view of the term CTC - a somewhat demeaning term. If I cost 20 lacs to a company, I am a black hole. I can't help looking at the term askance - I prefer to know that I am an asset to my company thank you. If by employing me the company says it costs 20 lacs, shouldn't this tag be mandatory? - 'this is just 0.001% of what the company earned with me in the position'...

# What's the point in earning degrees, and training, and then aim to be merely good enough to make more and more money - endlessly? How comfortable to earn slowly and steadily. We would never have had to see GD_II had the money-makers opened the door to this piece of wisdom, and let the have-nots have some happy moments as well...
(GD_II - Great Depression the Second]

# The more you buy, the more garbage you buy - how silly of one to spend money on garbage! - unless you were as recycle-happy as Amsterdam's Waste and Energy Company

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