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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Go Plastic Free: Find your Strength"

Friends, Indians, country-people, lend me your intellect-connected senses. 
I had the opportunity to speak to Mr Selvam, who runs a roadside recycling business near Ulloor in Trivandrum, Kerala. All sorts of plastic and packaging material do go for recycling. If only you would take the trouble of segregating the waste generated in your house. I do. 
I clean milk sachets and stack them
I empty polythene packages that dry grocery comes in and collect them over a period.
All you need to do is take the trouble of segregating readying them for the recycler. If you cannot deposit the stuff yourself, Mr Selvam and colleagues can arrange for pick-up. 

Dear friends, these days there are two aspects of public life that stink in this capital city of God's own country. One is the garbage, the other is politics. As concerned citizens, we can certainly do our bit for reducing the ill-effects of the former. As to the latter, we have to let our 'representatives' battle it out on the streets, in the Legislative Assembly, and at cozy tête-à-têtes with the media.

Have a good look at this infographic, courtesy  Go Plastic Free: Find your Strength

plastics mindmap-low-res

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