Oorj Swaraj: how very sane, how very possible

During the freedom struggle a century ago, Tilak's slogan “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it” inspired millions of Indians. I felt somewhat the same way on reading Justice VR Krishna Iyer's vision of Oorj Swaraj.
Who will not be inspired by these words "Energy sovereignty, or oorj swaraj, for India is no idle dream but a realisable target."
As a nation have we become blind? Can't we read the writing on the wall? In plain and simple language Justice Krishna Iyer says "The neglect of India's energy resources and the failure to adopt a scientific approach to maximise their use are unforgivable, and the simultaneous pursuit of exotic treaties is unfortunate". Unfortunate, yes, and unless we get rid of this handicap of zero vision, we will end up with "tragic feudal-colonial energy illiteracy".

We have rich alternative energy potential, we should think a hundred times before running after fancy treaties and getting into the supplier-dictates-all trap.
So how about a 21st century slogan - "Oorj Swaraj is my nation's target, and I shall work at achieving it"

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