Aung San Suu Kyi, Happy Birthday!

Looking as young as 36, Suu Kyi spent her 63rd birthday on June 19, in the confines of her house - nothing new for the Nobel Laureate spending her 13th year in isolation from the entire world.

Pic courtesy: Dassk Photo Gallery
Here are the most sincere wishes sent her way - A long and healthy life, continued hope and support, and most of all, a fervent prayer for the junta to shed their bullheaded behaviour.


  1. The lady is amazing. Good you put her on you blog. There few people who can devote their lives to causes they value.

  2. Thanks, Pradeep
    She can be counted among the living legends.

  3. Came to your blog from Indrani's.

    A glowing tribute.

    Joining you in your wishes and prayers for Suu Kyi.

  4. She is a gemini Swarna, like... :)

  5. Indrani... :). Thanks for reminding!
    Kat...Thanks for visiting!


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