We live once. Why do we leave so many tell-tale signs? - Part III: Net Debris

Just read a news item that the World will run out of Internet addresses by 2010. What does that mean? There are 4.3 billion addresses now. (700 million still available for allocation). A whole new Internet protocol IPv6 will offer 340 trillion-trillion-trillion new addresses (to get an idea of the number: this figure outnumbers the 'grains of sands on the world's beaches').
A good percent of this must contribute to (what I call) Net debris - Expired domains (till they get a new avatar), web pages with poor usability, decades-old e-mail archives, and God forbid - older posts of this blog, over time, :).
To illustrate
- www.koneruhumpy.com may have once been a protal for our very own International Grandmaster.
- I remember looking up information relating to Indian Government's VAT in vatguru.com.
- look at www.aditya-mukherjee.com
Such sites seem to have moved on, resold, recycled, and reused, so I should be happy, right?
For further reading:
Web addresses to become diverse

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