"The Story of Stuff"

Anti-consumerism and non-consumerism are subjects close to the heart, so it was heartening to come across The Story of Stuff. The presenter Annie Leonard has painstakingly put together a 20-minute video on the material(istic) economy, in other words - mindless consumerism.
That's the first frank admission I've ever heard from an American that
- they are the worst consumers
- they create disproportionate trash
- they get cheaper electronics and other stuff only after indiscriminate, behind the scenes, unaccounted use of natural resources and the sweat of the brow of the third world

Her message, simply put, reads - 'Linear system in a finite world is unsustainable'. You don't need to be a Math wizard to understand that.

I'd like to think that more people are now aware of the environmental costs of our consumption pattern. I'm glad I could record this (on this page) close on the heels of Human Footprint Calculator.
Annie Leonard directs the viewer to a list of 10 'what-can-I-do' suggestions. We can start on one of them right away: "Buy Green, Buy Fair, Buy Local, Buy Used, and most importantly, Buy Less"

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