The priceless - and the valueless!

Sorting household goods into 'retain' / 'give away' / 'recycle' heaps is therapeutic, I find. Unearthing this and that, from shelves, cupboards, niches beneath mattresses and old trunks, what do I rediscover? Some certainly priceless stuff, several more valueless - but each single item worth one or more gray cells of memory. Some 'precious' possessions acquire even more valuable sheen over the years; art, antique and jewellery collectors will tell you all about that. Several more goods take on measureless sentimental value - things even the kabadiwallah may refuse to carry away. In the armed forces, you acquire a collection of mementoes that grows with every place of posting - these are things that (should) mean the whole world to the person whose name is inscribed therein...

This time around, we have stuck to the decision that we would be ruthless - no room for things that were not used, not even seen, through 5 moves in 10 years. So here are the 10 boxes, (yes, we managed to meet the 10-box-challenge) of books, kitchen stuff, clothing, furnishing, and minimal showcase memorabilia, awaiting a move across the subcontinent.
As to other stuff, informative magazines (National Geographic / Outlook Traveller / Voyager) will reach a village library in Kerala, along with an antique but usable Pentium 133 Desktop. A few pieces of dated electronics will find their way to an electronics recycling mart in town. A variety of toys and other items should reach a children's home later this week.

Here are a couple of pictures showing one of the items from my priced possessions. Don't even attempt to tag a value to it! This is a handmade gift from a valued friend, who'll be reading this from somewhere in the globe, I hope...
(Please click on picture to understand it better)

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