My family's Only-10-Boxes Challenge

A transferable job is a boon and a bane. One gets to live in different places, but it also means ever-changing neighbourhood and schools, besides repeated establishment of home infrastructure. As part of a sixth move (this time to the great NCR) in a period of 11 years , I just started on the job of classifying household things into "needed" / "give-away-when-usable" / "recycle".
If you are a 'goal-oriented minimalist' trying to de-clutter sincerely, you will find good company in efforts such as The 100 Things challenge - "How to Live With Just 100 Things".
As for us, the single dominant motivating factor is the comfort that we (sincerely try to) practise anti-consumerism, and this alone should, I hope, help us meet the challenge of fitting all packable household stuff into ten 2X2X2 trunks. (I hear horror stories of some family's 75-box inventory - what a morale-booster!)
For those who need inspiration to declutter, whether "physical, emotional, even temporal", 5 Steps to Clutter-Free Living may serve as a guide.
As to the present challenge, breathe easy. I'll leave an update when - and if - I complete numbering my boxes 1 to 10 (without having to insert the likes of 1a, 5j, 10z....)

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