Feel this veteran's pulse in his writing!

Justice VR Krishna Iyer's articles are always forceful, and his packed messages are fervent calls for immediate action. 'A bizarre nuclear deal pursuit' is one loud and mercilessly-worded wake-up call for Indian legislators. I wonder how many citizens (among law makers as well as the thinking public) will even be seized of the powerful mandate explicitly spelt out
- "Defend the people’s right now by rationing all essential commodities and services, petrol and electricity. Social and economic waste disguised as festivals, political, religious and other practices, should be banished through resort to deterrent penalties".
- "...abolish or minimise all avoidable expenditure, including the expensive perquisites of heads of state, Ministers, judges and legislators. Alcoholism during festivals, celebrations and flashy functions should be banned. All five-star establishments, public and private, should be abolished".
- "Limits should be placed on feasts, rents and travel fares. Consumer extravagance and showy expenditure should be banned on a war footing".
- "There should be a 10-year moratorium on any new foreign investment and any import of luxury items. No more should we have the bankrupting impact of foreign business. We must restrict the profit-grabbing car factories and the insatiably frantic buyers so as to sustain our economic self-reliance and solvency as a critically democratic mandate".
This, doubtless, is unpalatable food for most people's thoughts...
Take is as health food advised by a doctor who knows best!

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