On a road trip - pretty and not-so-pretty sights

Going eastward on NH-67 (Coimbatore-Nagappattinam route) from Sulur, we came across some sights which soothed the sore eye, and some others which instigate the mind to seethe...

Sunflowers painting a nice picture before the seeds reach oil-mills, to further sate man's needs.
A wide variety of mangoes cultivated by a family (karumburasam, banganapalli, alphonso, imampasand, rumani, kallamani...) We couldn't resist the inviting display, and had to stop enroute both ways to have a fill of the end-of-season pick.

Tanjavur dolls waiting to reach indoor showcases.
Food on wheels - 25 beef recipes traveling towards weekend dinner tables.

You guessed right. The road has to be widened as an aid to lopsided development, and we humans are ready to fell those stalwarts who have thus far been forming green and shady tunnels.

We humans insist on travelling even faster towards the 2 degree threshold of catastrophic climate change.

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