Message from a mother to News makers and News breakers

The media tells me
You keep your child
We only want his innocence
The ads tell us
You keep your child
Here are things he needs to grow

The jingle shouts out
so what if he's young?
He'll soon grow up. he should know this and that
The shows in page 3
propagate artificial glitter
and tell imagination to lie low

To them I try to say, gently at times,
Please - let him be?
You and I know that there is a world
beyond pixels and bytes
Spare his senses,
let him discover its rights and wrongs.

Having said that, let me share some age-appropriate anti-TV measures I have used over the years, whenever mindless viewing overtook the edutainment aspect. (Some of the measures are impractical for daily implementation).
1. De-tune the addictive channels.
2. Help the remote get lost
3. Disconnect cable connection. (When that's no longer enough, remove cable out of sight).
4. Keep the TV in a locked room
5. Discontinue cable subscription.
6. Turn the TV to the wall, as close to it as possible (ingenious, I thought - my latest option)
7. Pack the TV in its box.
8. Adult abstinence, leading by example - (my personal favourite)

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