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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Aamir Khan, you are a sun-among-Taare, Zameen Par!

We started the New Year on an adorably humane note. That's how I'd sum up Aamir's latest offering. Why don't more directors go the Aamir way...showcasing real issues that are comfortably seen together by whole families? Only then would we be able to compare equals...

I have tried to list some of the very good aspects of the movie here
- Aamir's dialogues (despite Aamir's entry rather well into the film)
- The lyrics (& music), and the volumes of meaning that Aamir has attempted to convey through each song sequence.
- The blossoming of interaction between Darsheel & Aamir
- The support cast: who have done just that, and very well too.

And if you have seen the movie, I bet you felt neither ashamed nor sheepish about your wet eyes...

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