The Chalakudy river in pictures

I had intended to post 'then and now' pictures of the river and the ambience there.
Here they are. (The top three are pics taken in Jan 2008)1. Upriver as it looks now: The view when we get down the steps from the house. (Athirappilly Falls is about 35 km east from this point, by road). It's heartening to see sand deposits building up again, but illegal mining continues under cover of darkness...2. Downriver as it looks now: You can see blue and green upto the next bend.
3. Across the river: Friendly kids out at play4. Six years ago in Aug 2001: Almost a private beach and sands to play on...5. Ten years ago in Aug 1997: There was real beach, where bare legs waded comfortably into shallow water.
Now 'kuzhis' - pits - under water do not let bathers get in confidently. Where once a person could stand at the centre of the river with head out of water, now only confident swimmers can venture, but cannot tread...

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