At the Cantonment Railway Station in Bangalore...

...a series of flat panel TV's greet the waiting passenger. If you are tapping your heels while looking up and down and across the platform, you are bound to go through several sequences of repeated ads, helpful messages from the Indian Railways, pictures of popular tourist spots and some other clips.

One filler that plays out for just over a minute and a half is a real stress buster. Watch it, do, you will find yourself joining the 'artist' happily!
The video clip begins with a message in Swedish, that means "could this be funnier?"
Now if that isn't the right panacea for passengers waiting for delayed, further delayed, and rather unusually delayed trains! (I waited for over 2 hours for a south-bound train).
Whoever planned the content knew his (her) job...
Am I glad I found it on YouTube.

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