"India Is", Incredible, and Unforgettable, and Much More

Complete the following:
India is .............................
a: Incredible.
b: Unforgettable, it stays with you
c: Wherever you are
d: all of the above.

Right, here are a dozen pats on the back for choosing option 'd' as the answer. To me and to you, India is all this and much more; India is also a paradox. If you were to ask me, all I'd like to say is: these people knew what they were talking about when they wrote or spoke about India - see Quotes on India and In Praise of India

However if you want something more than just several pats on the back, all you need to do is submit images for the India Is Global Photography Challenge

If your image conveys the essence of any of the above themes exceptionally well, your submission can get you -
India is"All-expense paid trips to India
  • Weekend Getaways all across India at Taj Hotels
  • Digital Cameras
  • Exposure in travel magazines such as Conde Nast Traveller India
  • Special photography Workshop Passes
  • Exclusive 'India Is' Goodies and much more!"

Tip: Be ready for rejections of your submissions. Go through the rules before you submit your entries. Last date: 30 November 2012.

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