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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Festival's Aftermath

Yesterday was the festival of lights. 
Perhaps the festival of noise, smoke, wasted paper and wasted energy too. Deepavali. 
Through my window, I heard enough the whole day. 
Through the same window, I hear the "music" of brooms cleaning up after yesterday's excesses. 
The sound of that music has just moved on, and yesterday's leftovers are out again, to create further leftovers. 
This in a city where there is no place to dispose of solid waste intelligently. 
They bought. They came. They celebrated. They bought more, They celebrated further. They left, but didn't pack up.
Then they came. They swept. They did their bit. All I can do is spare a thought for her and her colleagues, and hope for better attitudes and understanding next Diwali.

God bless them...
There is a lot to be said for "Moderation in everything. Everything in moderation", isn't there? 

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Blogger Pradeep said...

Hi Lata,
Indeed it's like a festival of sound rather than anything else. Those crackers are obscenely loud. The saddest was the plight of one pet dog that was mortally scared and was moaning for hours. How insensitive we are, as human beings!

15 November, 2012  
Blogger Radhika Mohandas said...

I think your sensitive observation is beautiful. I haven't burst a cracker since I was 12. More people have to understand that literally, it's watching your money go up in smoke. For the joy of a day, how far are you willing to wager the environment?
I hope you have gone through www.indiais.org, because the India Is Global Photography Challenge ends in 2 weeks. All you need to do is talk about the India Is initiative. Add your experience and what you think defines that one moment that makes India unforgettable. Blog about it, and help us map India visually. Please send across the link to radhika@skarma.com, so I can get you on board as one of the official bloggers for the initiative.

16 November, 2012  
Blogger Swarna said...

Yes, I know of several neighbourhood pets who suffered this season.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have been trying to work on our son's psychology in two ways, pointing out 1. his love for dogs and cats, and 2. the money going up in smoke.
Will act on your suggestion later today.

16 November, 2012  

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