Dear Dr Kalam...

Greetings and salutations from an alumnus of your Alma Mater.

In 2002, you brought a whiff of change to India's topmost office. As President, you represented Change in so many ways - as an apolitical figure, as a Net-savvy technocrat, as a writer and most of all as an Indian citizen who felt as one among the masses and understood only too well their sufferings - in fact the perfect QRs of a leader of a democracy.

If only the position of India's President had had teeth, instead of being a mere trinket in India's political and governance framework. You would have set the precedence for the kind of Change that Barack Obama hopes to bring about in another democracy. It is not a waste of time to imagine - wistfully now - the possible changes that could have taken place from grassroots right up to the Executive in those five years when the entire Indian defence services proudly saluted you as their Supreme Commander.

A few days ago, I tried to put together my list of Ideal 552 for the Lok Sabha, and that list most naturally starts off with you, Dr Kalam. Though at present the list has just 5% of the numbers that are supposed to fill the Lok Sabha, I'd like to think that a workable cabinet is visible therein.

This is just an attempt at a possible, nay probable picture. You are not a politician, but as the Statesman that you are, your presence at the helm, as the Power that be, may encourage a largely indifferent bureaucracy to open their eyes, re-read the Constitution and make real efforts to abide by it, as they start to take in the current reality, and purport of 'We, the People of...'

Jai Hind!
Dr Kalam signs a copy of Wings of Fire

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