The Tamizh month of Margazhi (Dhanu in Malayalam)

Just marking this very special month 16 Dec to 13 Jan - my efforts at briefly collating several aspects of the month.
# Krishna says - (Gita, 10/35)
बृहत्साम तथा साम्नां गायत्री छन्दसामहम् ।
मासानां मार्गशीर्षोऽहमृतूनां कुसुमाकरः ॥
Meaning: "Among the hymns also (I am) the Brhat-Samna; among the meters I am Gaytri; among months, I am Margasirsa; and among seasons, I am the flower bearer (spring).

# Gita Jayanthi (birthday of the Bhagavad Gita) was observed on 9 Dec ("Agrahayana (Hindi: अगहन agahan) is a month of the Hindu calendar. In India's national civil calendar, Agrahayana is the ninth month of the year, beginning on 22 November and ending on 21 December. In Vedic times, this month was also known as Maargashirsha after the nakshatra (asterisms) Mrigashira.")

# Then we have the Thiruvaadira festival for Siva, also observed as the Aarudra Darshan. (10 Jan 2009)
(In Tamil Nadu, the day's speciality, after due worship of Siva, is the combination of the offering Thiruvaadirai Kali and ezhu-kaai Kootu. In Kerala (my state-in-law) the Thiruvaadira Kali refers to the dance kaikottukali performed by groups of ladies on the same day. The offering to the Lord is the Tiruvaadira Puzhukku)

# Throughout the month, temples (and most small screen channels) in Tamil Nadu resound with Aandal's Thiruppaavai
Listen to the poetess-saint's compositions explained here (Tamil). Or simply listen to Smt MLV's rendition of the divine composition
(for day 2 and later, use tpavai2 to tpavai30 in place in the url)

# Here is a Thiruvempavai link as well - listen to daily Margazhi Tiruvempavai discourses
Know the meanings of the 20 verses of Maanikkavaasagar

# Then it is the turn of Vaikunta Ekadasi, the day of symbolic opening of the doors of heaven to devotees. (7 Jan 2009)

# Think Margazhi and this tamil movie song comes to mind -
Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham

# On all mornings of the entire month, the customary kolams in front of houses will also sport a flower (placed in a ball of cowdung) at the centre

# For more interesting information on Margazhi see
- Tsunami Disaster Predicted By Astrology
- Bhairava Ashtami

PS: Reader Lipi has provided valuable corrections as well as informative and instructive links (please see comments hereunder) - quoted below for ready reference -

"Regarding calendars:
In the (Indian) traditional calendar system, we have two major types - Solar and Lunar. The Tamil calendar, among others (likely Punjabi, Assamese ...) is solar. The majority of the others is lunar (telugu, ...) It may be a good indication of what type of calendar it is, based on when they celebrate their new year (All yugAdi calendars are lunar. The rest must be solar - baisAki, vishu, tamizh new year ...)

The two links below should give an idea of Traditional calendar concept.
Solar and lunar calendar overview
Lunar calendar explained

For those who think the 'panchAngam' - 'having 5 parts', is unscientific and a waste of time, here is a document published in 1935, by an eminent Indian Mathematician.

The training of Indian Almanac Makers ..."
PS 2: The title was amended based on the above.

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