Leadership in short supply - Let the wind of Change blow East!

Thursday's events have thrown up a humongous demand for LEADERSHIP. Not only in political space, but in the media as well - while all channels relayed events as is, many of them did not refrain from one-upmanship brownie points with claims like "our reporter was the first...", "these are exclusive pictures..", "we are bringing these to you live...".
Several bigwigs had their bytes prominently relayed by starved reporters. A few channels left their ad space and time intact - the viewer is a consumer after all!
Media gave themselves a free hand, and have assumed that they are beyond regulation.
The watchdog is actually a giant rat greedy for a large piece of the cheese.
(The exception seems to be a series of meaningful discussions moderated by Omkar Goswami in a business channel )
We need leaders who can inspire and innovate, and we need change!
Since November 4, I've been trying to compile a list of 'IDEAL 552', and find myself very far from completing the list. Each person herein has one or more of the following attributes:
1. Seen as clean / has integrity / believes in ethics
2. feel for the masses
3. can certainly make a change.
4. whatever the call, (s)he is a professional.
5. does not appear to have vested interests
APJ Abdul Kalam
Medha Patkar
Narayana Murthy
P Sainath
TN Seshan
Prakash Karat
Brinda Karat
MS Swaminathan
Amartya Sen
Sunita Narain
Ramachandra Guha
Mallika Sarabhai
Cho Ramaswamy
Binayak Sen
Naresh Chandra
Tarun Das
Omkar Goswami
MP Anil Kumar
S Gurumurthy
Sheela Rani Chungath
J Radhakrishnan
Shashi Tharoor
Woefully, my list stops here. Doubtless, you can think of others? (non-celebrities, thank you)
And Googling ethical Indians / clean Indians is of no help. You'll find several Influential Indians though!
PS - On seeing any of these names, if you wish to pigeonhole this blogger's 'ism' - try creativism :)
Adding to the list:
Kiran Bedi
Somnath Chatterjee
Ratan Tata
Vallabh Bhansali
Prakash Amte & Mandakini Amte
Dr V Shanta
Dr V Kurien
For more suggestions, please see comments below.

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