This is a common house spider in South India, seen here with her egg sac. If I am right, she is H. venatoria - read about this species here.
Ever since I set eyes on them, though, I have always yelled out 'Tarantula!' and my wonderful M-I-L would deftly collect them within the bristles of a broom and encourage the leggy creature to set up camp in the garden.
Now I don't mind them - they are willing caretakers of a lonely house...

Camera Critters
Afterthought - CC means camera-critters, not creepy crawlies! :)

PS 1. In case you are not yet spider-wise, Daddy-long-legs is actually a spider that does not look much different from the web it weaves.
PS 2. But another Daddy-Long-Legs is one of my favourite companions, and is put up in a shelf, too. More about that later!

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