Denmark has shown the way!

Hail the Danes!
Now we know for certain that those who continue to deny that global warming is real, and those who think that efforts to combat climate change should begin with the neighbour, are all lazy ignoramuses, acting like ostriches.
Political will alone is enough to bring about a positive change. This applies equally to economic giants and growing economies. Where one eagle eyes untapped oil wells as the solution for energy crises, others think that they should be spared the emission obligations because they are 'growing'.
By introducing more oil-related taxes, CO2 taxes, and building-and-appliance efficiency standards, Denmark has enabled its economy to grow, but also managed keep energy consumption levels almost the same. Since the Arab oil embargo of 1973, Denmark has systematically focused on energy discipline, and today they are energy-independent. Here are just a few innovations that Danes came up with.
- Lights that operate on energy-saving motion detectors
- Flushing cisterns with two flow settings
- Dedicated bike lanes, so more people use cycles to work, rain or shine
- Recycling waste heat for home heating needs
Hope our netas stop yapping about the 'energy needs of a growing economy', and get down to the real business of taking a few harsh decisions. They should of course impose those decisions on themselves first.

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