A home, far from the madding crowd

I have written earlier, and posted several pictures of this green campus. All day long birds sing, leaves rustle in the breeze, and branches sway to the wind, and this music more than makes up for the highway din, also filtering in through the window.
At daybreak and dusk, a real orchestra breaks out from a couple of generously-canopied banyan trees as crows, mynahs, cuckoos, warblers, sparrows and several other common garden birds of India exchange the day's notes, chirping nineteen to the dozen. You can't help but listen to distinct altos, sopranos and tenors as they blend to cheer even tone-deaf ears...
Those banyans must be the equivalent of dense urban neighbourhoods, for why else would a pair of mynahs choose a functioning street lamp to make their home? Have a look at this lamp that stands by our gate.
From where I watched them, the mynah's house looks quite inviting and cosy...

Note the inverted arch that serves as the threshold, and the warm glow that pervades by night, and the comfortable shade by day. I should remember to enlist this couple's services when we decide on building a nest for ourselves.
If you feel like writing to them, or sending them house-warming or christening gifts, here's their address -
Lamp-post No 3,
SP-3, Main Road,
Phone (pp) - 0422-268xxxx
You're also welcome to visit my winged neighbours any time...
Update: When I called the electrician and explained the dimness of the street light, I was warmed by the response. "Madam, why don't we wait till the young ones leave the nest?"

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