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Friday, May 09, 2008

A nice and compact theme park

Summer holidays are here. If anyone is vacationing in Coimbatore, and the kids clamour for a day out in a water theme park, head for Maharaja World on Avinashi Road, just north of the L&T Bye pass (Bangalore-Cochin route).
A day at that place had us hooked. The park's usp is compactness, range of wet and dry rides and thrills, and evident maintenance standards. On the first and last scores, the one-year-old park most likely beats another theme park Kovai Kondattam and the much bigger Black Thunder in Coimbatore precincts.
Their website is not yet ready, but their commercial will give you a nice intro.
The range of attractions include several water rides, a dozen dry rides, a well-done up toddler's area, a multi-cuisine food court, a multiplex, a party hall, a video game parlour, and a big enough parking area, all within sight of each other. Present tariff: Rs 350 for adults, Rs 300 for children, not including food.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out www.maharajaworld.com

04 June, 2008  

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