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Thursday, May 22, 2008

We live once. Why do we leave so many tell-tale signs? - Part II: 'Human Footprint' on Earth

It's tempting to say: “The less said the better”. But my blood group being what it is, I am making that extra effort at being positive. We are responsible for the garbage we generate, not the Municipality or city corporation or other civic bodies. Similar to the three R’s of literacy, there used to be three simple R's of eco-literacy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Two more R's have been added of late, and the (extremely difficult!) mantra now reads Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Re-source.
New Zealand based Celsias is dedicated to the highest ideals possible in ecological awareness and real efforts at encouraging ethical approach to Nature and environment. Ever wondered about the impact of one human in one lifetime? Clesias presents UK Channel 4's documentary Human Footprint (1 hr 13 minutes) on the consumption levels of an average citizen in a modern society.
If you'd like to calculate your footprint, fortify yourself mentally first. I found out my impact - if I were an Average Western Consumer- am I glad I am not! The mind staggered. Besides telling me about the number of newspapers I have read, and the amount of chicken, potatoes, pork, mutton and apples that I tried to digest, the finger-pointer revealed to me that I have
- blinked 211,663,552 times
- shed my skin 1052 times
- had 53,162 dreams
- spent £13,571 on clothes
- burnt 61,115 liters of petrol
The list is almost never-ending. I stopped when I reached "you have created 7435 tonnes of waste", and "your carbon footprint is 373,143 kg".
What an effort, and what lessons to be learnt. Even as these statistics pop up in front of you, plenty of related green tips are offered. So learn about Top 10 eco things you can do, homebrew biodiesel, alternate transport, recycling, refurbishing PCs, how to break the obesity cycle, 'Friends of the Earth' campaign, using locally produced food, even making handmade soaps.
If you have not turned green (not the darker envy shade, but the brighter green of the environment) yet, this flash video is for you.

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