(Why) Should we fast-forward so?

One minute is 60-seconds long, isn't it? Not any more...not since we let technology rule our world. Days seem short, years speed by. And more often than not, by habit, or as a convenient excuse we shamelessly say 'I don't have time', when we actually mean 'Quality time? What's that?'
Why do we insist on fast-forwarding into the future? Taking our kids along (sometimes letting them lead us) as we hurtle headlong into next year, next decade? No one seems to talk of leisure, actual 'free time' is still consumed by the likes of the internet and the tv, and not by a good book, or by simply doing nothing while grey cells get a chance to refresh themselves.
What is wrong with slowing down - so that we age at a graceful pace, and let our kids be just kids for a good number of years? Seen the Snoopy sequence titled 'How did one survive' (pps)? Those are the kind of days that kids anywhere in the world need to remember, and not regret.
Perhaps we are staunch followers of Kabir. (kal kare so Aaj kar, Aaj kare so Ab, Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kub). The pralaya too, will be man-made, and brought on too soon for our own good.
I thought of some recipes for slowing down. My pesonal, proven one - a weekend at home in a village, where the cable has not reached yet, the cell-phone picks up only at a certain West-Northwest corner, one can do without transportation, one can run down barefoot to the river-banks... sadly though, in a sense, all this actually means 'running away'.
We need to slow down in place, as is, and not have to seek out a place and a time to do that. To that end, we could try these other recipes, without cheating ourselves.
Net-less weekends
Car-less Mondays
TV-less Tuesdays (I'd far prefer TV-less evenings, also)
cell-phone-less Wednesdays
PC-less Thursdays
Flight-less Fridays!
So - which recipe would you like to start with?

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