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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of white peoples' machinations and understanding our history

By some coincidence, I came across perspectives on something related to Indian history, from three different sources - the regular morning paper, a quite unrelated Google search, and an e-mail forward.
The Hindu newspaper carries an author's thoughts about whites versus natives, in The aboriginal butterfly. Just as external 'help' harms a pupa from becoming a perfectly beautiful winged creature, so also, white peoples' machinations on (Australian) natives (how they 'teach the ways of the fair-complexioned') have permanently harmed the locals, by breaking the 'rules of natural existence and adaptation'.
An unrelated Net search brought me to Francois Gautier's work 'Rewriting Indian History' (you can read the complete book below too). Coming as this result did in the wake of the above newspaper article, I was struck anew by the blatant machinations of the whites here, at 'home'.
[Here's another powerful message from the same journalist - 'India's self-denial'].
An e-mail forward brought me a slideshow on the world's religions, offered by Maps of War:::Visual History of War, Religion and Government. Does my generation have the wherewithal to unlearn, rewrite and relearn Indian history? Certainly we do, and on us lies the onus of imparting the right attitude to Gen X, Gen Y and posterity.
One dedicated researcher I know who tirelessly does just that is DK Hari of Bharath Gyan who continues to collate 'specific, scientific knowledge of India' and presents it 'the way it is'. Let more of us try to seek the right knowledge.

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