Gender Balance - When?

I am no women's lib advocate or activist, neither am I a fanatic feminist. I simply believe that in matters of home and house the husband (father) and the wife (mother) can and should seamlessly ease into the one another's role whenever the need arises.
So I read with interest a very well-written piece in Deccan Herald "The Story so Far", which was forwarded to me by several persons - a banking professional cousin, a mother of two, a dutiful daughter-in-law, an understanding daughter, and a patiently tolerant wife - all rolled into one, (of course!).
The story depicts, very precisely, the typical urban household where the lady pursues a career and manages the home, with nil / half-hearted / reluctant / whole-hearted participation from her life partner (The degree of participation being directly proportional to her good luck).
I quote this line from the article: "It will take time, possibly a few more generations, for the equation to get balanced".
Here is the gist of the messages that we exchanged:
"If You get Deccan Herald read the supplement 'Living'. The first story sounds so familiar"
"Thanks, Just did. Well said! Does that mean we will need 'several rebirths' before we can hope for balance? :("
"Seems so!"
"And that's assuming all are in the 21st century. Some Adams are still.....Adams?"
"...and will always be"

I welcome inputs from evolved Adams and Eves.

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