Not once again!...yes, once more. Embedded matter in packed food item

Read an earliest post about foreign objects in food items like bread, biscuits...?
Well, yesterday it was the turn of an extremely popular brand of noodles, and the offending matter looks like fungus.
Note my actions at 8 pm, (even as the family twiddled their thumbs at the table, for dinner that was supposed to have taken mom two minutes to prepare):
1. I called the customer helpline, a number in Gurgaon. An answering machine - honest! - at the call centre asked me to leave name and number. I did.
2. The system and modem were already up and running next to the 'phone, so after using a magnifying glass and a LED booklight to read the mail-id printed on the pack, I wrote to the consumer / customer service mailbox...or so I thought.
3. Not one to easily give the browser a go by, I googled the company's India website, reached the contact-us page and submitted a brief message that included batch no, date of mfg, and details of 'discovery'.
4. By then, an e-mail alert showed a post-master's message - I realised that neither magnifying glass nor the LED light had helped me correctly. (I had typed customerservices@in....,consumerservices@in....)
This morning I received
1. a response to the webpage submission, and that's when I got the right mail id. (It is
2. a phone call all the way from Gurgaon assuring me of their concern and their quality standards, followed by the repertoire: our rep will meet you to collect the item and give a replacement....
I believe in fairness. I will give this third brand also a chance... (remember I had given a bread brand and a biscuit brand chances over the years?)

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