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Between the land and the sea - Notes from #ChennaiRains 5

1. Umm Hamdan
 to Tamilnadu Flood - Support
Dear friends, Vettuvankeni area located on the ECR Chennai is one of the worst affected areas. The local masjid has been providing food and shelter all these days and now they are running out of funds. Please contact Mr. SHANAVAZ at these numbers . 00919710535454 ,00919445319868. They are in dire need of rehabilitation. Please help. Posted on 09.12.2015 around 8 PM ‪#‎postsforhelp‬

Back from Cuddalore. Learnings. 1.Send bedding and blankets, Mosquito coil, . 2.Send smaller trucks that can go on kuchha roads. 3.Identify groups that are addressing the hard to reach hamlets. 4.Prioritize small villages away from main road. 5.Do not use relief labels or banners on trucks. They be will be attacked. 6.Find local teams that have police support. 7.Do not send provisions unless you know where they will be cooked and served. 8.Cuddalore needs help. It doesn't need panic. Doesn't need stockpiling of unnecessary items or over supplying some places. 9.We went to 15 villages. Many of these were described as drowning, starving, unserviced on social media. NOT TRUE. 10.Do not comment on cuddalore from outside. There are places that are struggling. Do not confuse relief work. Be concerned. Not dramatic. ‪#‎TNflood‬
Volunteers! Volunteers for ‪#‎aidindia‬ ‪#‎TNFloodRelief‬
We had a flood of volunteers the first few days. They have done a fantastic job but I can see volunteer burn out starting.
After a detailed assessment I have come to the conclusion that immediate relief phase will need to continue for three weeks and after that the rehab work will be needed for at least 6-8 months.
We need continuous supply of volunteers who can work systematically without burning out. So we have now set up a rotation system for volunteers so that volunteers can come in a staggered way on specific dates and times. That way volunteer time can be maximally and effectively utilized.
We need lots and lots of volunteers and distributed over several months. So if you can please do volunteer.
If you want to volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator
Harshvardhan with the dates and times you can volunteer.
Contact: +91-9962098198 (Harsh)
If you cannot reach Harsh call Thothadri: +91-9677035530
If you want to volunteer after 3 days or more email instead of calling now
Share this widely. Thanks a lot for your support.
4. Su Iyer
Just to clear some existing rumor in chennai rain relief scenario.
1. No crocodiles have escaped from crocodile bank. Madras crocodile Trust has confirmed.
2. NASA is not meant to predict weather update for Chennai. The 250 cm heavy rainfall for next 72 hours is a rumour. As of now the weather updates are no heavy rains are expected in Chennai for next 48 hours. It may rain at some places.
3. Chembarakkam lake is very much fine. It has not broken. Reality is that the discharge of water is reduced as there were no rains for past 48 hours. kindly don't panic people at Ashok nagar.
4. GST road is fine to travel to other districts. No animals have escaped from vandalur.
5. TCS girl spandana whose father passed away has got that information and she has left for her home town. HR has confirmed it. So need not share it.
6. last & but not least don't share fake news about that a celebrity given this much this. post with evidence. and also don't initiate politics inside it.
7.Kindly don't waste your time in sharing fake news about Chennai floods.
8.Chennai is not just a place to reside but its our Pride. We will not let it drown.
We don't need any national coverage to get funds and help we can do it very well without the so called national media.
The real Chennai super kings are the common people right now involved in rescue operations.
Salute to chennaites.
Relief Work has been a huge success and well done on that! But it has added to the plastic and waste on the ground. I request the relief teams to collect as much of the waste from ealier relief visits as you can.
Contact Akhila - 9940061432 at once. Tell her the location. She and her team will come and collect the waste.
Where ever you can please pass this info. We need all waste segregated and collected ASAP. Please ensure the waste/garbage is already segregated [Plastics/glass/organic]. The Team coming will collect and dispose. They don't have the time or resources to spend segregating.

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