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Between the land and the sea - Notes from #ChennaiRains 3

1. Balakrishnan Velaiah
As the rescue work is completed in Kotturpuram, we called all the fishermen to my office, had lunch with them and appreciated their support during the rescue operation. (Will try to find out ways to repair their damaged boats)The first 48 hours,before the arrival of NDRF and army,we rescued few hundreds of hyper risky people including the sick and elderly. We along with fishermen tied up continuous chain of ropes in areas where the water current was strong (Ranjith road) which proved extremely crucial for the movement of army and NDRF later on. My good friend and colleague Dr Senthilvelan IPS had jumped into action along with us. And, my inspector Elangovan of Kotturpuram police station , AC Murugesan and AC Ravisekar did a fabulous job in evacuating all the ground floor people and slum dwellers to a safer location. That is one of the reasons why the causality in Kotturpuram is very low- only one death due to drowning. Thanks my dear fishermen folks.

Rajesh Rajendran to Tamilnadu Flood - Support
Hi friends,
If your house is damaged or needs any repair I can assist in refurbishing it without any profit, especially who can't afford pls Contact, I can work in and around Velachery & Madipakkam area.
Friends pls share this message to people who "really need help"
Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry
3. Shashi Tharoo's opinion piece
"Chennai floods a wake-up call for India"
4. The Government's culpability
"How Official Negligence Turned a Natural Crisis into a Human-Made Catastrophe"
5. On board Noah’s Ark
"PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY talks to people from the city who were part of animal rescue missions"

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