Let's have Military Rule sans sudden coup...

A periodic dose of military rule will help us appreciate the value of 'Freedom' and the associated responsibility that ought to accompany it.

We often hear it said that we get the government, (and the municipal corporation, and the police) we deserve. 
But methinks we are asking for, indeed we need a good dose of ... military rule. No don't look West to locate and quote a history of coups. Instead calm down and read on -
For a period of about 6 months before every election, let us have the military personnel administer India, ie, the function of governance will be carried out by the three defence forces, supported by the paramilitary, the Territorial Army, and the Home Guards. A civilian will still head government, don't worry - the President, as S.C.A.F.
A periodic dose of military rule will help us appreciate the value of 'Freedom' and the associated responsibility.
"Responsibility is the price of freedom", ... whether it is freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, or any of the other 'guaranteed' freedoms.
Why do I say so? Read on - 
On the return of a brand of noodles, my fellow citizens say:
"Welcome back, 
We missed you.
So what if you're not healthy? At least you're safe.
We are living (surviving) on far worse food, air and water.
Go ahead, you make your profits.
We and our children will overcome. If we don't, there's always the 'karma' scapegoat to blame..."
On car-free days, my fellow citizens say:
"I'll not observe car-free voluntarily. I'll oblige the day the exercise is made compulsory".
On plastic-bag usage, my fellow-citizens say:
"Let the Govt ban. Till then don't deny us our convenience, laziness and indifference.
....oh, the environment? The business environment is very good, very eco(nomy)-friendly. See the amount of FDI we are raking in".
On civic sense, my fellow citizen says:
"Yes, yes, my neighbour has none.
The municipality has not provided dust-bins....
The contractor and corporator are hand-in-glove..."
On traffic sense, my fellow citizen says:
"The police is not around.
Zebra crossing? What's that?
These pedestrians... can't they see where they are going?"

Got it now?
Let me list the immense benefits of a 6-month military rule.
1. The military will ensure strict adherence to pre-election model code of conduct.
2. Indifferent citizens will get a chance to 'obey', follow rules, stick to nation-wide legitimate diktats.
3. For 6 months, it's possible to get even the media to behave.
4. The entire country will get a sample of what governance ought to be.
  My fellow soldiers will do a great job; I know for sure.

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