EFCC - is it Economy, Finance and Crony Capitalism?

MoEFCC is the acronym for the Ministry of Environment-Forests-ClimateChange, but it is headed by a Minister for 'Economy, Finance and Crony Capitalism' ....
"Please see how systematically the so called MoEF&CC (because it is now doubtful if this Ministry is any longer the custodian of the nation's ecological security) is hell bent on diluting environmental norms left, right and centre:
The first part of this series, by biologist TR Shankar Raman, showed how the ministry stopped considering the hydrological value of forests -- the rivers and streams they give birth to. 

India is diluting forest protection by ignoring this one vital thing

The concluding part, by environmental lawyer Shibani Ghosh, focuses on the ministry's attempts to stop considering public health while granting clearances in critically polluted areas.

Is India’s pollution control agency weakening pollution regulation?

It is also a matter of grave concern when such issues do not figure in mainstream media stories or TV debates????"

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