The Power of the Radio

Did you get to read "War of the worlds in the theatre of the mind"? 

I did, and sent a mail message to the author, appreciating the article, and the power of the radio. (The author is a retired Deputy Director-General of AIR and former Station Director of AIR, Chennai). 

I share the author's reply - "I greatly value your comments about my article on the radio play 'War of the Worlds' and your appreciation for AIR's Public Service Broadcast.As you have rightly said AIR, Thiruvanathapuram is an acclaimed leader in broadcasting. I had the privilege of heading that station during 2003-2004.You may be surprised to see the attachment to this mail (Letters to the Editor-The Hindu dated 13 Nov.2009) which always finds a mention in my presentations on how AIR is held in high esteem by the intelligentsia."

The attachment contained a digital copy of one of my letters to the editor (can be accessed online here). 

So have no doubts at all that "What goes around comes around"!  as Vivek just noted.

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