Darshan Do, Ghanshyam Naath...

Granted that enough and more has been said about SM (स्ल-क in Hindi).
- what the director did, and did not,
- what the co-director did not,
- what ARR routinely does much better (DB got his musician right),
- how RP got world-recognition for his techniques,
- what the media Overdid.
For a very balanced take try K Hariharan's, titled 'Orientalism for a global market'. "For the majority of western audiences who are writhing under the excruciating weight of a global meltdown, a fairy tale about the ugly side of India should certainly come as an orgiastic catharsis! “Slumdog Millionaire” should be considered as one of the most gratuitous fantasies to be created about India in the 21st century. Over 200 scenes whizzing past in 120 minutes leaves one completely anaesthetised and incapable of registering the complex layers that make up the garbage dump presented in “SM” called India..... as an Indian and a Mumbaikar I am not ashamed to accept the image of slums, criminals and gangsters that dominate the text of SM. They are my reality in the same way as homeless Blacks and quarantined native Indians are a reality to North America and cheap African labour, a reality of Western Europe. This reflects in the way Indian audiences choose to watch only those films from Hollywood which show crashing cars and sizzling pyrotechnics when the reality of the average American city is far from it."

As to personal viewpoints, Soordas'(?) plea to his Lord is a regular evening bhajan chez nous, and one can't help having mixed feelings that the underworld used the lyric for their sleazy dealings - even if that was in someone's imagination (artistic license or some such).
Listen to the bhajan -

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